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A new Consignment Tracking System is coming up very soon for the convenience of our customers....

SDLPL announce its new branch ...

Upgradation of our courier processes through an advanced software solution, customised to your needs....


Our Presence

SDLPL has its branches all over India, covering more than 1800 stations throughout India.

SDLPL has over 200 branches in Hyderabad itself and many more spread over the entire region of Andhra Pradesh. Our branches also extend outside A.P. to Bangaluru, Chennai and Mumbai.

About us!

Shri Dharmasastha Logistics Pvt Ltd. (SDLPL) is one of the leading Express distribution companies in India. Incorporated in the year 2010. SDLPL was established with a mission to provide one-stop solution to all the Courier related service. SDL Pvt. Ltd. provides an extensive range of services to its customers for their mail and express delivery needs. SDLPL has more than 100 offices statewide, serving innumerable destinations. Initially we have started our company with M/S MANIKANTA CITYNET COURIER PVT LTD in the year 2002.

Board Members:


Under the able leadership of I.Venkateswar Reddy, SDLPL grew from strength to strength and today it is regarded as the best Local Courier service provider in Southern India.

A visionary, a leader, an individual with immense personal strength and to sum it up IVR (as he is shortly & sweetly called) personifies the leader of 21st century. He started his career as a delivery boy and now has risen to such heights that he is now employing directly and indirectly a family strength of 1000 family members. We have heard of so many “rags to riches” story in different industries - IVR is one of them.


She is a one of the main pillars of SDLPL, who has a very wide knowledge in the field of Marketing and Administration. She is a good financial support to SDLPL. She is a Woman who likes to achieve perfection, in whatever field she is entering and always tries to carve a Niche for herself in the particular fields.

We have an extensively trained staff of over 1500 personnel working 24 hours to ensure delivery of your consignments. Each of our delivery staff members effect 50 to 80 deliveries per day, amounting to a daily delivery load of over 15,000 consignments.

Shri Dharmasastha Logistics Pvt Ltd. utilises the latest computer technologies to handle and process the couriering operations and always strives to make room for improvement of its services for the benefit of all its clients.

I. V. Reddy, MD

We at Sri Dharmasastha Logistics Pvt Ltd. have a state-of-the-art IT-enabled infratructure to process all consignments seamlessly and swiftly.

We provide 100% proof of deliveries of all shipments picked up.

We provide delivery servces, whether it is 1st floor or 10th floor, only to the concerned persons, and we don’t drop like what postal and other couriers might be doing.